About us

Your enabler of Smart Systems​.

Computing, Interaction and Communication.

SYM TEQ Systems provides turnkey Solutions.

For applications in:

A system that is slim, smart and operates intuitively.

Everything has to be "smart" today. Managing the successful digitial transformation determines the success of your business.

​SYM TEQ stands for Symbian Technology. We support you to reach an optimal symbiosis of the digital and physical worlds.

The boundaries between Hardware and Software are merging.

In case Software is our customers' core business, we deliver the Hardware as a finished "product" in the best possible configuration, including the necessary packaging.

​If the strenght of the customers is Mechanics, we take care of everything else needed for a truly Smart System, from Hardware to Software.

SYM TEQ also stands for Smart Technology. Our target is the perfect Symbiosis.

The SYM TEQ Principle.

We are a project driven business and our point of view is holistic. We take the initiative and search the world to offer technology competence in width and depth. This competence entails the whole hardware and software we offer. We care about the successful combination of look, feel and quality of hardware, ergonomics and simplicity of software.

The benefit of the solution from you customers' point of view is always in the foreground. That's what we care about.

Involve us.

The processes are different in every business. We offer to evaluate what really differentiates your project - to select the optimal materials, technologies and partners. This will help you on your way to success!

You profit from access to the latest knowledge and many years of transformation know-how.

Our core competences are:
 the strategic direction of your project as if it was our own business
 to reconcile the latest possibilities with the tried and tested
• to assume full responsibility for the results of our work

Talk to an Engineer.

At SYM TEQ you talk to "Solution Architects". We are always eager to work on new topics. We are project managers, building on solid tools and conceptual competence. Our proven success record comes from long-standing industry and management experience.

Depending on the task, we complement the project team with the right specialists.
You can look forward to a lively and joyful discussion and a corporate culture that is not afraid to experiment.

One stop solution.

SYM TEQ stands for Symbian Technology.
Thus, no matter how abstract and odd your endeavor seems to be. Involve us.
We support you to reach an optimal symbiosis of the digital and the physical world. Contact us